About Us


West Coast Sundecks is a small personal operation this way I can assure you that the quality of workmanship and service I provide you with will be like none other out there in my industry.

This is a waterproofing trade, therefore attention to detail is crucial and after being in it for the last 25 + years I have seen and had to fix countless unsatisfactory and unacceptable projects done by others.

I have learned for example that the companies are rushing the job in order to get onto the next one to make any money. For example the heat welded seams have pinholes in them leading to premature failure down the road, caulking looks horrible and is not applied properly (its an art) proper deck preparation is not taken leading to a visual eyesore of the plywood joints through the Vinyl membrane, seams of the membrane are not running with the slope of the deck …

I could go on and on, after fixing countless leaky condos I have learned that Quality and pride in workmanship is key to customer satisfaction and the longevity of the project.

All Vinyl membrane products we carry and install, are tested  by Intertek testing services for quality assurance.

At the end of the day it’s waterproofing and top quality that counts and for us its about helping you to protect your investment.

Thanks for your time!

Brian Hlina (Owner/Operator)